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Josiah Boyd

Josiah Boyd

Founder & Lead Designer

My name is Josiah Boyd and I am a freelance web and graphic designer. I love helping people create really beautiful things in a simple way.  This is my favorite thing because simple is always more useful to everyone, which makes it beautiful.  I love brainstorming and helping others see the potential they have in them and their companies, churches, and non-profits and figuring out together what would be the best solution for them.

I have been involved in the visual rendering world for over eight years. During this time, I have developed a variety of techniques and skills in multiple areas of design, from branding to web, but my passion is wordpress because it has given power to the people.  I love installing themes, customizing themes, online shopping solutions, and helping people use them.

I love learning.  I graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelors in History.  I decided I did not want to teach, so I became certified in web and graphic design from Sessions College.  I also have a Masters in Intercultural Studies from Columbia International University.  I love to learn.

My biggest feat to date, however, was managing to marry my wife, Brandi.  We currently live in the metropolis of Abilene, TX, where she works as a physical therapists.  We love the mountains,  traveling, and a really good coffee shop.

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